A different Type of Synth

Granular Synth?

Granular synthesis is a method used to chop up a sample and rearrange and replace it, to make another different sound. It’s really awesome play around with and get strange sci-fi’c sounds, but also to make correctable adjustments.

This is the original clip


and this is the clip in the synth



Grains are pieces of sonic data that span no longer than 50ms. (usually) It can be broken down into components (the envelope, the size of the grain, The shape of the grain, , grain spacing over time and grain density ) These help smooth out the clip by reducing the crunch and distortion. (Granular Synthesis: Guide, 2016)

Making it sound good?

So a way of making it sound good is to use the Spray part of the pack. What this does is that it randomises the clip by taking grains from around it.

Here’s a cool video by the maker of The Granulator for Max for Live explains all the different things you can do with it in an awesome german accent.

 What can it  be used it for?
So a granular synth can be used in various different ways. It can be used to as an instrument or added to create atmosphere and something that isn’t a plan instrument backing. It can also be used to fix voices and make sound effects for different shows and games.
“What Is Granular Synthesis?” Granular Synthesis: Guide. N.p., n.d. Web. 08 Dec. 2016.

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