The Mechanic, The Meeting.

This link leads back to the issues we originally had with the mechanic. some of the issues that we had included. the specifics of the foley,  some sounds we were not sure with how he would want them sound, et cetera, et cetera . hflhnghere are the notes we took we took. They are very rough but we get the idea and that’s all me need.

Today we had a meeting with the director of the Mechanic who basically answered all our queries. We showed him what we had made so far composition wise, which he seemed to really like what we had and had no problems with what we have composed. There was a lot of new sounds he gave us, (Metal hook, Metal stairs) and also some sounds are not needed anymore like the scaffolding. Samuel, (The directory of the Mechanic) gave us confirmations that he would give us a new treatment along with an updated animatic and as well as that give us an updated foley list.


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