As part of one of my projects, Grace and I set off to record some clashes and bangs at a scrap yard. We booked the Zoom H4n and set off to find a scrap yard with little luck. After around 30 minutes of driving around industrial parts of Nerang, we couldn’t find any scrap metal places that would allow us to record and the one we wanted to go visit we could not find. Using my creative mind I went home with the Zoom and recorded some really awesome sounds.

The sounds we wanted to record are;

  • Walking on concrete
  • Welding
  • Chains (rattling and being pulled)
  • Running
  • Breathing
  • Fabric rubbing
  • Drill sounds
  • Climbing on scaffold
  • Warehouse ambient sounds
  • Machine noises
  • Sound of static
  • Picking up and putting down of tools
  • Clicking
  • Steam
  • Hydraulics
  • Sitting in a chair
  • Buttons
  • Start up noises (computer)


With the Zoom I managed to record a lot of this at my house. I used the X/y function on zoom, I also had the zoom turned all the way down volume wise as when I turned  it up it sounded very distorted and gross. This in return meant I had to get very close to the sound source which was very scary at some times especially pouring hot water into the pan to make a steam noise. I really didn’t want the microphone to melt or get water damaged.

I have an industrial sewing machine that when you start up sounds much like what you would find in a warehouse. As well I recorded a bunch of different metallic sounds (objects and items made of metal such as; tin close airer, washing machine ect.) that we will be using to add to the industrial Japanese soundtrack. Although we had a lot of issues with how unclear the foley list is (Link to Issue Blog). We have a meeting with the animation student to go over what he wants but in real depth, and now we have some really awesome sounds to show him and get feedback on.

have a listen to my recordings here. No names yet but in a future blogs I will update them.

Enjoy 🙂




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